A Complete Coaching Solution

Everything you need to become a successful running coach

  • Technical Skills

    Over the course of several weeks, you will learn the technical skills needed to coach distance runners and build custom training programs. A case study, practical component and a certification exam will ensure you have the knowledge​ required to be successful.

  • Coaching Development

    This certification program will equip you with coaching skills and tools that will help you to connect with your athletes and motivate them to achieve their goals. The greatest coaches in the world are masters in communicating and you will learn these key fundamentals.

  • Build Your Business

    Unlike other programs, you will take away much more than just technical knowledge and a certification. You will receive templates, tools and resources that will help you to scale your business quickly so you can start making money from your expertise on day one.

Certification Overview

World Class Training. Focused on growing your business.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    Section 3 - Nutrition
    • Section 3 Overview
    • Nutrition - General
    • Fluids and Caloric Needs
    • Nutrition and Running Performance
    • Nutrition Quiz
  • 4
    Section 4 - Anatomy & Principles of Movement
    • Section 4 Overview
    • Anatomy
    • The Skeletal System
    • The Muscular System
    • Major Muscle Groups, Origins, Insertions and Joint Actions
    • Principles of Movement
    • Anatomy & Principles of Movement Quiz
  • 5
    Section 5 - Running Technique
    • Section 5 Overview
    • Running Gait Cycle
    • Running Cadence
    • Drills and Stride Correction
    • Foot Structure and Shoes
    • Common Running Injuries and Prevention
    • Running Technique Quiz
  • 6
    Section 6 - Building Training Programs
    • Section 6 Overview
    • Training Methodology
    • Components of a Running Program
    • Run Workout Types
    • Pace
    • Learn to Run Programs
    • Half Marathon Program
    • Marathon Program
    • Building Training Programs - Quiz
  • 7
    Section 7 - Strength Training
    • Section 7 Overview
    • How to build strength programs for runners
    • Upper Body Exercises
    • Lower Body Exercises
    • Core Exercises
    • Strength Training - Quiz
  • 8
    Section 8 - Athlete Assessments
    • Section 8 Overview
    • Assessments
  • 9
    Section 9 - Designing Workouts & Coaching Groups
    • Section 9 Overview
    • Key Components Of An Effective Workout
    • Group Training
  • 10
    Section 10 - Becoming an Effective Coach
    • Section 10 Overview
    • Coaching Defined
    • Your Role As A Coach
    • The Coaching Model Overview
    • Step 1- Prepare
    • Step 2 - Assess
    • Step 3 - Create The Plan
    • Step 4 - Present The Plan
    • Step 5 - Feedback
  • 11
    Section 11 - Tools and Templates (Bonus Content)
    • Section 11 Overview
    • Pace Calculator
    • Forms Part 1
    • Forms Part 2
    • Training Peaks Part 1
    • Training Peaks Part 2
    • Training Peaks Part 3
    • Training Peaks Part 4
    • Training Peaks Part 5
  • 12
    Building Your Coaching Business (Bonus content)
    • Building Your Coaching Business
  • 13
    Case Study
    • Case Study Instructions
  • 14
    Practical Exam
    • Practical Exam Overview Video
    • Practical Exam
    • Practical Exam Document Checklist

Incredible Value

The Legacy Running Certification will accelerate your knowledge and ability to scale your business quickly with this complete end to end program.

Bonus material

In addition to the deep technical expertise you will gain, these bonus materials will help you to quickly scale your business and build your coaching brand.

  • Training Program Library

    $4000 Value

    Graduates will receive a full suite of pre-built running programs spanning across all distances. These pro designed programs are multi-month​ templates that can be used for an entire training cycle.

  • Coaching Templates

    $600 Value

    You will receive custom designed PDF forms that you can easily modify and use to launch your coaching business. You will not need to waste time building​ your own tools! Examples of these forms include: Application forms, Athlete assessments, Pace charts, Group training planner, Monthly 1 on 1's and more.

  • Online Tools

    $250 value

    We've bundled multiple tools and resources that will help you to establish your presence online. Recieve discounts on the most effective website tools, software and branding solutions and get your business established fast.

Your Pro Instructor

  • Ian  Aman

    Ian Aman

    Certification Coach

    Ian is a 20-year coach and competitive marathoner that has a passion for helping people become the greatest versions of themselves through running and motivation. Using is extensive knowledge of running fundamentals, and training principles he has crafted the most complete certification program available on the market. Ian is the owner of Legacy Endurance where he trains distance runners across Canada.  In 2016 Ian completed a 1600KM run from the North West Territories, raised over $30,000 and awareness for the Canadian Mental Health Association.  His full-length documentary and book "Soul Runner" release in 2018.

What People Are Saying

“This certification program exceeded my expectations big time. I was looking for the knowledge that I needed to coach my local running club, but this has given me so much more. I have been able to get up and running quickly thanks to the tools and amazing support I've received. Thank you!”

Jason H.Jason H.

“After researching several running coach certification programs I decided to go with the Legacy program because it seemed to provide more than just technical knowledge. I'm so glad I did because I have been supported all along and even have my first group of clients signed up for coaching​...yes!”

Melanie J.Melanie J.

“Working with Ian has truly been life-changing for me. I’ve never been a runner but wanted to have a fitness goal and lose weight so I decided to give it a try. With Ian’s guidance, incredible support and encouragement, I ran 2 half-marathons last year and have exceeded my weight loss goal. Ian has motivated me and kept me pushing through disappointing times and trials and his faith and belief in me has never wavered. He truly is an exceptional and inspirational coach. I am beyond grateful for what Ian has helped me achieve.”

Shari F.Shari F.